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Adecco Brazil 2023

In recent years, the COVID pandemic has brought new changes to the labor market. The evolution of work models has required companies and employees to adapt to a new reality. Hybrid work is a tool that has resulted in both benefits and challenges, and this trend has created an alternative and flexible environment.

Given this background, we present the new digital edition of the Salary Guide, produced by Adecco Brazil: a study that offers insights and know-how about Recruitment and Selection, aspiring to reach various audiences. Download it now!

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You will have access to salary and market trends of approximately 600 positions in the areas of Technology, Digital Market, Finance & Accounting, Logistics & Supply Chain, Human Resources, Administrative, Health, Engineering, and Sales & Marketing.

For Businesses

One of the main purposes is to help companies attract and retain the best talents in multiple areas and sectors.

For Employees

Get access to salary information and find out the average salary of your job position.

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